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Could you be a budtender?

If "Northern Lights" or "Strawberry Cough" mean something to you then this might be your test. Thinking about seeking work at a coffee shop or dispensary? This might help give you a leg up on the competition. If not, just test your pot snobbery. Answers are weighted, so some questions have multiple right answers. Choose the most right answer.


The best part of the cannabis plant to smoke is:



This plant is:



Your customer is looking for a night cap, just a little something to help her sleep. What strain would you recommend?



The purple color of the bud in the picture means that:



Hash is:



The best time to smoke cannabis is:



You open a new jar off cannabis and it smells like hay.



The terms "high" and "stoned" are used to describe cannabis. What do they really mean:



You've just purchased 50 Malawi cobs to sell in your store. What did you buy?



You fire up a joint of White Widow, take a few puffs, and realize that it isn't as energetic as it usually is, its actually putting you to sleep. What is the most likely cause?



On your recent trip to Amsterdam you met some locals at the Bulldog Coffee Shop. They had rolled a spliff and said something about it being a "royale". What does that mean?



Which one of these foods can be made as a cannabis infused edible?



Which growing method produces the strongest bud?



You are seeking out sinsemilla, what does that mean?



Your are evaluating four small pucks of hash, they are: green, red, black, and brown. You are looking only for the best quality. Which colored hash do you avoid?



You planted a seed you found in a bud. Now that its a month old the plant is short but bushy, with wide leaves. What do you know about it?



Which of these hash types doesn't exist?



Cannabis can be described as "skunk". What is this in reference to?



Pair the fruit smell and flavor with the correct strain. Pineapple and



Which method of ingesting produces the lowest amount of tar?



You are shopping for a new strain and you see it labeled as a "Sativa Dominant Hybrid". What does this mean to you?



Flowering cannabis produces a variety of smells. Some of them are more sought after than others, which of these is to be avoided?



You put a nug into a pipe and take a lighter to it. When the nug burns it is crackling and tastes harsh. What is the cause?



You've made it to the Indian subcontinet and want to try one of their cannabis traditions. Your friend told you to try a drink made of almonds, spices, milk, sugar, and cannabis. What drink are you looking for?



Your customer wants to eat a hash brownie for the first time. Just to be safe, what advice should you give him?



You found a jar of cannabis dated from two years ago! What should you expect from smoking it?



The image above is of:


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