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Can you survive a Xenomorph attack?

Are you capable of emerging alive while so many others wont? Take this test to find out, but remeber, it only works if you are truthfull and dont lie to yourself. Now, what are you wating for (they could be here any minute, so dont waste your time!)?

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How would you describe a fully grown Xenomorph and its threat rate?



Where do you live?



How many exits do your house, apartment (or tent) have? This does not include windows.



How secure do you consider your house? A 1 beeing "Not secure at all" while a 9 is "Bulletproof".



You have detected a facehugger inside your house! What to do?



Its dark outside but you are all out food, and almost starving. You have heard about the Xenomorphs on the news all week. What is your next action?



One of your friends who stays in your house just woke up. Although he tried to hide the corpse, you saw the dead facehugger beside him.



You spot a Xenomorph a few meters away on the street in the evening. It sees you aa well. What do you do?



You spot people running across the street outside your house. They seem to need protection. Do you let them in?



You suddenly hear scratching and screeching from just outside your door. What to do?



You know about a nesting queen in your neighborhood.



Your house is swarmed with aliens. You know its nearly impossible to escape this time.


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