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The Zombie Survival Test

The impending threat of zombie invasion is always out there. One day it will happen. What will be your story when it's all over? Will there be anyone left to tell it to? It's all up to your quick thinking and judgement skills. Good luck. You're going to need it...


Have you ever seen a zombie movie or played a zombie video game?



You live in...



How long do you think you can run without stopping?



How close are you to the nearest armory or gun shop?



What type of vehicle would you use for transportation?



How experienced are you with firearms in general?



Would you trust your friends to watch your back with a loaded weapon?



If you had a choice of only one melee weapon, what would it be?



If you saw a group of people being attacked in the street by 3-4 zombies, what would you do?



Let's talk weaponry. What do you think would be most economic and effective for killing off, say, 20 zombies?



Think about some of the best times you've had with your closest friend. Now if he/she was bitten by a zombie, and you knew that they were infected, how would you react?



You and your party are driving around and happen upon an abandoned convenient store. You are scouring through the inside of the store. What do you take for food?



Same as above. You find the store, you are looking through it. But what do you take for beverages?



Okay, you've armed yourself, gotten supplies, and killed some of the living undead. Where do you go now?



You found this test by...



Will you visit my website after taking this quiz? (www.freewebs.com/flaming_ostrich)


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