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Are you a good friend?

Take this quiz to see if you are being a good friend or not.


You are wrapped up in your own plans when a friend calls you wanting to talk to you. She doesn't really sound like she's in danger or anything but this call would most likely take a long time, what do you do?



Your friend has a very unique sence of style in every way possible from her apperance to her attitude, and some of you aquaintances are making comments, what do you do?



A respectable teacher accuses your friend of cheating on the final, you know she did, but do you defend her anyway?



Your good friend is looking for money....again. She has yet to pay you back the last time but this time, without the money, she could be evicted from her appartment.



Your friend just got into a serious car crash in which she broke her arm and leg- leaving her temporarily jobless and abnormally irratable. How would you help her?



Your friend is in an abusive relationship, but she says she's in love, what do you do?



Your friend's pet hampster just died and she's making a huge deal out of it, she even wants you to give the hampster a funeral, what do you do?



Your friend has been complaining to you that she feels fat, but she doesn't seem to want to do anything to help herself, what do you do?



Your friend has a body odor problem....she stinks...and everyone is noticing. What do you do?



Your friend is angry at you, and you don't know why, what do you do?


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