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Real and Official Zombie Survival Test

This is a test made to see if you can survive a zombie outbreak. I did not use any pointless questions like many other tests do. Please use your honest answers, not just the ones that you think would get you a high score.
NOTE: A zombie outbreak has been scientificly proven possible by a virus, so you better start getting prepared for the worst.


You have turned on the news and hear that zombies have reanimated and are eating people in a city about 6 miles away. What do you do?



Which ones are you greatly experienced in?



Have you ever made a plan for a zombie attack or terrorist attack?



You have seen someone or some people you care ALOT about get bitten. What do you do?



Where is the best place for a hidout?



How close are you to your hidout of choice?



What would you do if someone is there but won't let you and your party in?



How long do you think or know you can run without stopping if you were being chased?



Would you trust any allies with a loaded weapon to watch your back?



Your gun of choice would be?



You have run out of ammunition and used up your explosives. What would your backup weapon be?



You find a group of survivors fighting off zombies. What do you choose to do?



You and your party find a grocery store. You check to see if there are any zombies and the store is clear. What would you bring with you?



What part of the body would you aim for to kill the zombies?



Transportation of choice?



You have run out of gas, what do you do?


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