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Will I make you poo your pants?

Will you pass all of these challenges or will you end up with a poo in your pants? I recommend you need to go before taking this test otherwise there isn’t really much of a point and also make sure you remain fully clothed until after the test has ended.


How bad do you need to go?



Stand up where you are, close your eyes, and imagine being able to let it out into the toilet. Now push gently for 5 seconds.



Lower to a squat and completely relax for five seconds.



Begin to stand up but stop halfway. Now push slightly and push for twenty seconds. You may stop it if you feel it sliding out.



Kneel down, lean forward and push for 15 seconds.



Sit down on a chair and push as if you are on the toilet.



Lie down on your stomach and push, stop when you feel it coming out.



Stay on your stomach. Push hard for 30 seconds and this time, if you feel it coming, do not do anything to stop it.



Stand up straight and push for 7 seconds.



Lower to a squat and push for 15 seconds.



Go back into the same position as question 4. This time, you cannot to anything to stop it until the time is up



Sit on the toilet and push as if pooing normally.



Choose one of the positions out of the following.



In what ever position you chose, relax for 5 seconds. After that, push for 45. If you feel the poo start to slide out, you cannot finish the quiz unless you go in your pants.


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