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Are You A Twin?

Feel free to take this quiz if you want to figure out if you have/had a twin. Please note that this quiz is not to be taken seriously and that the results may vary in inaccuracy.


Do you ever feel like you’re apart of something bigger than just yourself? Almost . . . a profound presence beside you?



Do you feel that your guardian(s) hiding a profound secret from you? Do family members . . . treat you differently, maybe?



Do you—yourself—think that you’re a twin?



If you don’t mind sharing . . . are you adopted?



If you would not mind answering . . . we’re you born prematurely? And, if so, how early?



Are there any cases of multiples on your biological mother’s side of the family?



Were you conceived using the assistance of IVF or IUI/any other type of fertility help?



Do you have any biological siblings?



Were you brought into this world via Caesarean section (C-section)?



If you don’t mind my asking, do(es) your guardian(s) seem to be depressed at times/have depression? You don’t need to answer this if you don’t want to—it’ll give you two points if you click “I’d Rather Not Answer”.



Have you ever seen pictures of yourself as an infant?



Have you ever seen photographs of your biological mother when she was pregnant with you? If so, was her stomach rather large?


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Test by: Kate Perkins [ edit test ]

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