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Am I fat 2.0

I know that I made one of these really recently but I wanted another one with different questions and pictures.


Ok first of all, to repeat this question, I am 13, 5'1, 133 lbs (60 kgs or 9.5 stone) This is:



I can fit half of my finger in my belly button, but if I push it as much in as I can, my whole finger fits. This is:



At the smallest point, my waist is 30 inches around and at the biggest it's 32. This is:



In the past year, I have ripped/broken 3 belts. This is:



I wear the same size clothes as my brother who is 3 years older than me. (he is a pretty good weight for his age, maybe even a little chubby) This makes me:



Mostly my friends are really nice, but once one of my friends called me 'big chungus' and another time one said that I should do something first because I'm the fattest. This makes me:



I don't have many stretch marks but I do have some on my upper thighs. This makes me:



These are my moobs. they stick out a little and are visible in some shirts. They are:



This is the most that I can suck my belly in. Even here, you can't see my ribcage. This is:



As you can see here, I can put four fingers under my fat. This is:



These are my love handles. I can grab multiple inches of both. This is:



When I go on all fours, my belly hangs down a lot. This is:



This is me wearing a shirt that was oversized 1 year and a half ago. As you can see, it now defines my belly and moobs. This is:



The last time I weighed myself before this was 3 months ago. I was 122 lbs which means that I gained 11 lbs in just 3 months. That is:



Lastly, what should my next test be about? (won't affect score)


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