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Am I fat lol

Hello! This test is to get your opinion on how fat I am and whether or not I should gain or lose weight. Please be honest in your answers, as I will not be offended if you call me fat or obese. Thank you for clicking on this test, and have fun! :)
P.S. Sorry that the images are sideways.


Age: 13 years old. Height: 5 foot 7 inches. Weight: anywhere from 200-210 lbs. Is this bad?



That's me standing up straight. How bad is it?



That's me sitting straight. How bad is it?



That's me standing slouching. How bad is it?



That's me sitting slouching. How bad is it?



This is how much belly fat I can grab while standing. How bad is it?



This is how much belly fat I can grab while sitting. How bad is it?



I have a double chin. How bad is it?



I have not measured my belly in a while but I assume that it must be around 40-43 -ish inches. How bad is that?



I eat three pretty normal-sized meals and snacks whenever possible. At events such as Thanksgiving I eat until I either feel really full or until I am sick to my stomach. How bad is that?



When I walk, my belly jiggles a little. When I run (which is barely ever), my belly, moobs, thighs, and butt jiggle quite a bit.



I go exercise very little. I usually only excercise during school (walking class to class), baseball practice, and I sometimes go to the park. How bad is that?



I could probably get my moobs into a bra. How bad is that?



Should I gain more weight?



How much weight should I gain/lose?



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