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whats going to haapen with no P. and U.

do the test or be a dummy and not do it.


go in a store and into a empty asle and pull down your pants, did you get caught?



take a pic. of you in your undies, and send it on a mutiplier site, what happened?



pee in your underwear and go outside and dance around, what happened?



pull down your undeis and pee in a bush and take a pic. of you peeing, what happened?



what does this picture make you feel like if it happened to you?



try to show everyone your undies and get a pic. took of them, what feeling did you feel?



try to show everyone your butt, and poop, what happened?



stroy time: your friend gave you a show me your butt dare, would you do it?



try to listen to the big booty song and try to make a vid. of you showing your butt and pee pee, what happened?



show me your butt in the comments, if you got 100% from me.


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