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The Ultimate Babysitting Quiz

You are called over to your friend's house to babysit while she goes out with her boyfriend. You are babysitting 13yo Jacob, 9yo Mia, 6yo Dakota and 4yo Olive Garden. Will you be able to put up with these kids' nonsense? Take the test to find out.


Mom and Dad are leaving. What do you ask them about?



Olive Garden runs up to you and starts screaming like a demon. What do?



You decide to make a lunch for the kiddos. What do you make?



Dakota is blasting 21 by DEAN in the living room on repeat and Mia is complaining. What will you do?



Jacob is playing Fortnite in the living room and swearing a lot. What do you do?



Dakota and Mia want to watch TV. Dakota wants to watch the MLP movie but Mia wants to watch a football match.



Dinner time lads! What's on the table?



Bathtime for the kiddos! Jacob doesn't want to get in the bath because "baths are for n00bs lol", what to do?



Bedtime! How do the kiddos get ready for sleep?



Parents are back! What do they owe you?


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