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How much do you feed you gf/bf?

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You find a date online they look perfect they are:



You to are gonna go on a date where tho?



Ok now your sitting at the restaurant or buffet and your date is ordering a lot



After the restaurant you both go to your place



It’s been a month they live with you and they want to lose weight they weigh 359 pounds (look up if you use different weighting



5 months in your relationship they failed to lose weight an whisper to you ever 10 minutes •Mmm baby I’m so hungry I love you losing weight was so silly• what do you feed them when they say that



In this scenario you can gain all the weight you can and not be bed bound so how much do they weigh now it been a year



They dumped you when they found the fat pills or weight loss pills



Round two: this time you found them IRL not online you took them to the restaurant you took your last date to this time you ordered a private room your date is ordering everything on the menu what do you say and do



It’s been 2 years they weigh 99969 pounds and they eat 9 bottles of fattening pills (70 pills a bottle •makes them gain 100 per pill•)


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