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How disconnected to reality are you?

Good luck, man. You got this! And, maybe go to a therapist.


Hello. How are you today?



Who is more funny, Bo Burnham or John Mulaney?



Did you laugh at this image?



Do you find this quiz funny so far?
(Don't worry this doesn't factor in, be honest)



In games where the dialogue choices have no effect on the outcome, do you still choose to be polite to beings that do not exist in your realm?



Did you remember to water your baguettes this morning, son?



Are you picking the answers which seem the most surreal in order to please me, your guardian of the time space continuum, and perhaps spare your own life? (Are you just trying to get a good score and aren't being honest?)



Do you like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,meme man? Or do you despise?



What do you want to be when you grow older? Your age has no effect on this. Please do not find some way to share your age with me, I do not care how many years you have been alive.



Do you like to grow plants?



Are you disconnected from reality?



I'm sorry, for I must leave;It's time for my jazzy soul to get schooled on an advanced level of thinking, as a god myself. Perhaps I will see you again, granted my presence is acknowledged. What gifts would you appreciate me to bring upon my next visit to Earth?


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