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Vivid dreamers are amazing!

My own experience has shown me that a vivd dreamer can be so good, than meeting one can turn out as a true blessing on the very long run! :-)

Details - in the questions. :-)


Vivid dreamers are known for being genuinely kind.
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If you meet a vivid dreamer, this might turn out as a true blessing on the very long run. :-)

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Vivid dreamers are in fact, really very supportive friends. :-)
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Vivid dreamers are spiritual and idealistic people.
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Vivid dreamers can be wonderfully bright people, and it is great that they are very optimistic and positive. :-)
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Vivid dreamers are truly generous and strongly positive.
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Vivid dreamers are very intelligent. :-)
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Making friends with a vivid dreamer is a rare gift, that reflects the generosity of good luck. And anyone who gets befriended by a vivid dreamer is very lucky. :-)
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Vivid dreamers are mighty and powerful.
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Vivid dreamers are strongly positive and truly generous, they are sincerely positive. :-)
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Do you love , respect and admire them?


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