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How well do you know music and movies?

Hello there!Thank you for choosing this quiz.How well do you know music?I would like to give credit to MY friends Amber Champion,Kaitlyn Childs,Savanna Mardling and Charli Kiss Thomsen.My brothers friends James Baldonesn,KC,Louis Blumore and Katie.We would both like to give credit to our mum,our sister and our dad!Enjoy this quiz!By MAINLY Tracy Ann Coad and parshly Leonardo gates!


How many songs in Linkin Park Recharged?



Who is the person who sang the song bad guy?



Who was the docter for the tenth season of doctor who?



Who sang the song thank u next?



How old is Ben10?



How old is ben ten in this picture



Who loves nerds tests!



Does the tv show paw patrol have the charecters' voices changed halfway through the seiries?



Can bumble bee from the film transformers speak in the first movie?



Who sings the song boomerang?



Do you think we can get to 25 people who has taken this quiz once (you have comment)by halloween? Because if we do Leonardo will do 25 press ups whilst having his hands and legs tied up! Then when he has we willput it on his next quiz and me (Tracy Ann) will have to dance to any song he picks!


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