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Babysitting Job's

The parent's have called you to babysit six kid's, daniel 9 years old, Amelia 7 years old, Lucy 5 years old,Lily 3 years old and JERRY AND JENNY the 1 year old's


The parents are about to leave what do you ask



The parent's left you and the kid's are bored what do you do



Amelia and Daniel said they have a big test and they haven't studied, what do you do



After studying it's already 12:00 am and the kids need bruch, what do you make for lunch



The kid's can't stay in the house for too long so Jerry and Jenny the twin say " We need two gwo two thwe pwark



At the park you play tag and Jenny and Amelia fell and scrap their knee's, but they say there is a nail so you need to bring them to the hospital



Lucy forgot to take her allergy pill and you are far from home ( me: you're not in the cinema watching Spiderman: Far From Home)



It's already night and you are making dinner while the kid's are playing snake and ladders



the ki'd need their final bath and they don't want to you say



The parents have came back from work and ask how much is you salary


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