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Survive a murder

Can you survive a murderer, please try this to test it here at Survive a murder test


If you are at the detention room and look for the teacher, found dead what do you do



You go back to the room and tell the others, You and the other some team up to find an exit you say



You and the other WHO voted go and Look for a exit



When you guys find the exit, you were kidnapped by the murderer



You and the others find a a friend named Miles holding a gun



You ask him while opening the ropes, turn out one of you have a fully charged phone



You get the ropes untied and reveal the murderer and ask why she is the murderer because it’s your bff



Sarah the bff realized you have a phone and take it away, but the police came and arrest her



Because you did good and the school gave you A grades for life and free college



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