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My career is almost over... By Nerdguy

Hello! I am Nerdguy,and I must have to tell some news for you.


First of all,it will be a great occasion if Ivo sees this and makes a sporadical test.



I think my career is over.



Yep. Sorry if you're sad,but yes. That looks like I've completely ran out of test ideas,and that I'm no longer on the site.



But it's not really over,it just seems to be over...



My last hope for this site is the TNITTT/sporadical tests for Ivo.



I have ran out of ideas,and I mean,NerdTests may become soon a memory of mine.



Since June 2016,I was able to entertain people on this site,since "Fred Test" to "Do you resist to homework".



I have learned how to use NerdTests over the years,to the point I had a productiveness of 1 test per day.



It's just not what it seems,it just tricks you! I mean,no more tests come up into my mind,and the little ideas can't be enough for a very big popularity.



I may make a few tests announcing the stability of my career in the next days.



I still remember the time I got happy that my Math Test got 100 plays,to the point of nowadays,where my Infinite Lists Test got cca. 250 plays.



Instead,I'm more productive on Geometry Dash,though I don't have an account and will never have.



So this may be the end.


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