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Do you think I'm fat?

This quiz is to tell me if I'm fat or not. Thanks for doing this!


Above is a picture of my belly. I am 11 years old, male, 5 foot 2 inches, and weigh 188 pounds. What is this?



Above is a picture of me standing. I eat 3 meals a day and have 1 big snack what is this?



I extrasize once or twice a week what is this?



I use a total of 5 hours a day for screen time (tv, tablet, computer, ect) what is this?



Do you think I should gain weight? Above is ap picture of my side standing up.



Just about everyday I have a huge bowl of ice cream loaded with toppings. Is this bad?



When I stand up and look down, all I see is my big belly. What is this?



I eat 3,300 calories a day. Is this bad?



When I lay down and look forward all I see is my big belly and things in the room. What is this?



I have 2 huge fat rolls and 1 small one. What is this?



Finally question: did you enjoy this quiz? Does not effect your score


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