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TNITTT is back operating!

Hello! TNITTT is back again!

More info in the questions.


Hello! I have one thing to tell you:Don't speak in anime/Japanese language for now. I don't watch anime and nor learn Japanese and don't know those words and it makes me uncomfy.

Do you understand?



But the question is,have you seen my crush,GD Juniper?

If yes,what's your opinion?
State it in your next quiz!

You promise?



I was currently eating a pastry cake when I saw your test in the Newest tab. I almost spat out my cake. I just couldn't believe it! Thank you,Ivo!

We will still operate for a long time?
State it!



Describe how you look like (e.g:eyes, hair, skin color, body, usual clothing, mouth, etc.).

Do it in your next quiz,OK?!



For a period I was even shy to watch GD Juniper's vids,she's so beautiful...



I thinked that you are that youtuber because I recognized some style in writing in the description of the youtuber's videos that was similar to Ivo. (short explanations and smiley faces)



P.S:It's TNITTT,not Tnittt. Capitalize all the letters.



We are good,very good,we make tribute tests... We are the best,tribute test company you will EVER MEET! T-N-I-T-T-T,a company that you see very rarely,T-N-I-T-T-T,and it stands for The Nerdguy & Ivo Tribute Test Team! T-N-I-T-T-T,Best tests ever are produced by Nerdguy and Ivo... TNITTT!

Remember it?



Press Yes to continue.



I liked what you said in your Nerdguy is so adorable test,that my kindness is so warm it can melt your heart.


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