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Just some questions

I think that the questions in this test make sense, and, also, I assume that it is for the fun. You can consider this something like a quiz of the type "How similarly we would answer", with elements of a poll. Many people like having a talk with each other in their free time.
Please, don't take your result seriously. Unless you like it, of course. Please, answer the truth. And, of course, have fun.
I am curious how you would answer. :-)

This is not amongst the most interesting quizzes by me, I guess, but making pointless quizzes is not in my style.

No matter what rating'
you will give after taking,
and whatever your result is,
taking you for taking this quiz! :-)

A test by Ivo Atanasov from Bulgaria, South - East Europe. :-)


Where are you from?

(no influence to your result)



Are you male or female?

(no influence to your result)



Do you like traveling?



Who do you prefer - choleric people or phlegmatic people?



Which combination of colors do you prefer - Blue + Yellow or Red + Black ?



Dark colors or Light colors?



Do you prefer big cities or small towns?



Do you agree that when someone has a good opinion on something or someone, this means that they like the thing or the person?



How many tests have you made on NerdTests?



How many of your quizzes have been taken by 100 or more users, so far?



Do you agree that Nerdtests is an amazing site for making and taking users` quizzes?


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