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Hardest Would You Rather! By Nerdguy!

Hello,I am Nerdguy and today I will do the HARDEST Would You Rather Ever! Well I think not.

Have fun!
This test is weighted.
I'm from Europe,so... Excuse my orthography if so.


Would you rather:Mom or Dad?



Would you rather:Live for 10,000 years or have 100 lives?



Would you rather:Be stuck in a box for life and have air for life or live on Earth but don't have air for life?



Would you rather:Live from now on 10 minutes with heaven life or live 300 years with normal life?



Would you rather:Drink water but not food or eat food but not water?



Would you rather:Have 47 F-bombs in a minute-long phrase or say something extremely nice for 1 second?



Would you rather:Have 10 hands and a half of one leg or a half of one hand and 10 legs?



Would you rather:Meet Infinite Lists (if you don't know who's that,check it out) and have Infinite Lists cuss or meet PewDiePie and have PewDiePie don't cuss?



Would you rather:Be killed every second and be born again until you reach 400,000,000,000,000 years or be killed after 400,000,000,000,000 years and be sent to hell?



Would you rather:Don't be able to do anything but sing godly or be able to do 600,000 things a time and dress badly,have a bad,high-pitched voice and be ugly?



Would you rather:Be some gentle guy/gal in 190 BC or be some ugly,disliked person in Madagascar in the modern future?



Would you rather:Think this WYR is the hardest or think this WYR is the easiest?



Did you liked my quiz?


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