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Would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

In a world where people die, but still roam the streets of Orville Valley feeding off of the human brain, scuffing their feet and moaning the days away.....
It is now time that you take the test of ultimate survival. Will you survive the zombie apocolypse? Find out by taking xBellaNewcombx's test now. Good luck, survivor.


"Okay class, open your world geography books to chapter 17, please." Said the teacher, as she started to adjust her glasses.
CRAAASSSHHHH! The students and faculty started to panic as an alarm had gone off, and the stench of rotting flesh flooded the area. What is your first move?



You watch as hundreds of zombies horde into the school, feeding on other students. You see your crush getting cornered by five of them! What do you do?



There is no way you will get out alive. Thousands of zombies are in front of you. You run in an empty room and lock yourself in. You realize there is a zombie in the corner that had been killed. What do you do?



You managed to get outside, but see that more zombies are chasing after you. A friend has the baseball bat and wacks them. You team up in order to fight off the zombies. How do you feel about this?



You have been walking for hours. You come across a city. What is your first move?



A horde of zombies come out of FootLocker. Your friend gets cornered!!!!! What do you do???



Your friend escaped from the zombies, but got bit in the arm. What do you do?



Which statement is true?



What do you think would be the smartest option?



What would you do?


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