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Who Murdered The Victim?

Can you guess who murdered these victims? Find out here! Also please support my big efforts into making this quiz. First person to make a quiz like this. Thank You.


A bartender was murdered at the bar. He had a big scar on is face. There were a waitress, chef, and the boss near the crime scene. The waitress had a pen. The chef said he had a knife for cutting the chicken, and the boss said he was watching football and it wasn't him. Who killed the victim?



A man who worked at JAME'S DINER 5 years ago was killed in a car crash Police didn't think it was just a car crash tho. They suspect a 32 year old woman who was shopping that day, a man who worked at JAME'S DINER 10 years ago-Presnet, and a boy who was nicknamed-KillMOD. Who killed the victim?



A boy was kidnapped and killed by a mystery person, on 130 West dalfer lane 7:30. Police thought a Killer named Lester who had been arrested 10 times killed the boy, a another boy named John who was the boy's friend, and a old man. John said he was sleeping by 7:30,Lester said he was afraid to go out at dark and was sleeping too, and the old man said he was eating dinner by then and said he lived on 76 Fox ST, more than 300 miles from the crime scene. Who killed the victim.



A woman had died of food poisoning more than 2 years ago and police have finally convicted supects. They only had two. Mary and Layla, both very close friends of the murdered woman. Who killed the woman?



A waiter was killed in a restaurant yesterday. They had suspects but we're all 12 year old girls. There names were, Jessica, Elena, Grace. Jessica and Elena both said the 3 of the girls were hanging out at Grace ' s house that time but Grace said she haven't seen the girls in long time. The police still think Grace is guilty of something and the 2 other girls. Who killed the waiter?



A 5 year old boy who was swimming drowned before anyone could save him. Police say it was just drowning. But detective Larry Berenstain had started his own investigation. Supspecting either a 25 year old life guard or a man that was swimming with the boy killed the boy. Both say they are innocent. The lifeguard is more guilty because she said that she actually saw the man drown the boy but she didn't get there in time. The man said that wasn't true. Both are supspects. Who drowned the boy?



A 15 year old football player had just died of suffocation a year ago. Police say either one of his tea mates killed the 15 year old because they were jealous which includes Mike the bully. They also supspect the coach or someone else....Who killed the player?



A 100 year old man died of oldness but some say it wasn't the story. Police say either his wife who had been convicted guilty of shooting a 10 year old boy, his mother who was never around or a striper he met just 2 weeks earlier. His wife said she was shopping late, the striper said she was busy striping with hot man, and his mom died a day later. Who killed the 100 year old?



John White was found dead on a highway in Calfornia. Police say he was hit by a car. Still police are still trying to find suspects. Nearly a year later they brought in 34 year old Tim Forsite and a mystery man not telling police his name. Tim said he was the one who killed John. Police were suprised to this early talk but they didn't put Tim in jail just yet. Who killed John?



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