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Will you survive the apocalypse

Ahh the zombie apocalypse!,,,,


Your at school and you hear the recess bell ring buts it's not the bell what is it?



The principal makes an annoncenement saying lock down is in progress all the other high schoolers run and hide what do you do?



The teacher says she see's army soldiers coming toward the school and everyone screams what do you do?



If you picked 2: You escaped and are entering the nurses office where you see soldiers hanging out what do you do?



You walk along and find the principals office packed what do you do?



If you picked 1: Your in the office distracting the soldiers and whispering to the principal hide she hides in the teachers hangout then you run.What do you do next



You finally get outside with your class and principal then you hide in a bush and look at what's happening



You start exiting the bush and down to the teachers house but you suddenly start sneezing..She has cats! Your illerject to cats and sneeze so much snot come out your nose what do you do?



Suddenly you realize that you are gushing blood out your arm so you ask your teacher to get you a napkin for it then what?



Did you enjoy if I get 50 likes I will make part two!


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