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Do you Imagine Names like Me?

This is just a fun test that sees how you imagine names. A very good brain exercise, fun to see how you compare to others.


What do you imagine when you hear the name "Sarah"?



What do you imagine when you hear the name "Samantha"?



When you hear the name Mica/Micah (if you don't know how it is spelled) what do you immediately think of?



Somebody rolls their eyes and says the class clown is coming. Who do you imagine coming?



A girl walks around the park. She has pretty chocolate skin and black hair with many curls. To top it off, she is walking a cute beagle. Which names would you imagine her to have?



After she passes, somebody else walks by. It is a short boy with black hair, tan skin, wearing jeans and a red shirt slowly strolling through the park. What do you think his name is?



What names to you hear/use the most?



I have brown hair, am tall, and I have kinda-maybe bluish eyes. What do you think my name is?



Now what you have ALL been waiting for... (drum roll, please...) ANIMAL NAMES! Now, what do you imagine when you hear of a cat named Shadow?



What would you name a small white rabbit?


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