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Would I take you on a holiday?

Would I go on a holiday with a person, who would answer these questions in the same way, like you? Let us see! :-)
Please, answer the questions with the truth.

Whatever your result is, thank you for taking this quiz!

A test by Ivo Atanasov .


Which answer describes you better?



Which fictive word do you find nearer to your name, or sounding in a more beautiful way?
(If either of them means something in some language, it is not on purpose)



Where do you prefer going on holidays?



Do you like visiting popular cities and towns, attractive for tourists?



Are mosquitoes a good reason for staying inside instead of going for a walk in the nature?



What kind of hotel would you rather choose for hiring a room in a seaside resort?

(let`s say that the prices are similar)



What places do you like better?



Do you like going on journeys by boat?



Are you very tolerant to autistic people (like me) and people with other disabilities?



Do you like this test?


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