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Would You Survive Getting Stranded?

Take this test to find out if you could really survive being stranded! Fight the hardest obstacles! Become really strong! (Actually you will just be on the computer but whatever, right?):P


You are going on a boat trip. What do you bring?



There is a huge storm!The boat is tipping, and water is spilling everywhere. What do you do?



The boat has tipped over! Do you know how to swim?



You get out from under the boat. You bumped your head a bit and splintered your hand, but you are okay. What should you grab now?



You keep floating around. Then, you see a shark. It looks pretty hungry,and you don't recognize the type. What do you do?



You get away from the shark. You spot a small island. It has a few coconut trees, some short shrubs, and a cave in the distance. A lot of the shore is rock and sand. Now what?



You realize you have fallen asleep after all you have been through. It is pretty hot now, about 97 degrees.You are starving! What do you do?



Eventually,you try prying open some boxes you found with that plank you kept. Guess what? Pineapples and mango! The mango is a bit squished, and the pineapple you can cut with the sharp end of the plank. What do you do with the food?



After a delicious meal of mango, you notice a book from the ship. It was in a plastic bag and had a water proof bag (for emergencies). What do you do?



You read the book eventually. It says "How to Cure Tropical Fever". It tells you the symptoms and how to cure it. What do you do with the book?



It becomes night. You see another thing that landed on shore. A first aid kit! It had a bandage roll, some medicine for fevers, and two empty jars and a cloth. You realize you feel extremely thirsty. What do you do?



You go to sleep once again. When you wake up, your eyes start to hurt. You are itchy and tired, and it hurts when you move your arms and legs. You feel way to hot, so you must have a fever. Now what?



In the medical book, it says you should take it easy, take medicine to make the temperature go down, drink lots of water, and whatever you do, DON'T KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS REALLY SUNNY! Now, what do you do first?



You finally fall asleep. It was hard though, because of how hot and itchy you felt. You wake up, feeling a bit better and a little less hot. You eat some mango. Now what should you do?



Your arm starts aching again, and you feel more hot and itchy. Your eyes were bugging you like crazy and you seemed to suffer from hydration. You faint from dizziness. JK, you are still alive to suffer. So, now what?



You wake up slowly. You still feel sick, but someone is carrying you. You are on a stretcher! A boat came buy and saw the plank and cargo and figured people might of been shipwrecked here. They give you an ice pack and pain relievers, and you lay happily in a small first-aid room. What are you thinking now?


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