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Would you survive a zombie apocalypse

Its the year 2020 and you turn on the Tv to realise that a new virus has been discovered that turns people into zombies. You look outside your window to realise they were not lying. You step back as one of the zombies looks your way!


You hear about the outbreak on the news. What do you do first



You realise you dont have much water or food. What do you do?



You listen to the radio and you here that the military are going to be sent in? What do you do?



Youre save haven has become over run by zombies. What do you grab?



Where do you run to now?



You see a group of people in the distance. What do you do



You see a fuĺl bag of stuff on the street. What do you do



You have found a school the looks like a good place to stay. What is the first thing you do?



As youve settled into your new place you turn the radio on and hear of a bandit base that is fairly near to your base. What do you do?



Whilst your walkinh around you realise theres a basement you go down and find a huge box with a lock on it. What do you do



You decide to open the box and find a rifle with a suppressor and a shotgun. You take it with you and decide your going to bandit place. What is your choice of weapons



What best describes the area you live in



What size would your group be



How do you kill a zombie


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