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Would you survive a Kidnapping?

This quiz was made by, yours truly, the person who made "ARE YOU MY TWIN?!?" and "this is fate". Would you survive a kidnapping. Let's see and let's take this quiz!


You are walking down the street, and then somebody grabs you and pushes you into their car. You say..



You are taken into a old creaky house and the kidnapper ties you up in a room. You look around trying to get a weapon. You find 5 things. Which one do you choose?



You wiggle over to the chosen weapon and pick it up and cut the rope (if you chose bubblegum machine or feather or pencil your stuck in the rope) Where do you hide?



You are hiding in your chosen hiding spot and then the kidnapper finds out you have escaped. What do you do?



The kidnapper finds you. He takes out a knife and threatens you not to escape again. What do you do?



He gives you a phone. What do you do with it?



Since I'm bored here is a fate



You call one of your friends and tell them to call 911. The kidnapper comes in and asks you what your doing. You say..



The police come and arrest the guy. His last words to you were "I will get revengeeeeee" What do you do?



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