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Are you awesome? (TQC)

Hey my fam out there! My name is Charlotte and I am a member of The Q(uiz) Continuum (TQC)! It is made up of my best friends Ryan and David, and of course myself! We are named for The Q Continuum from Star Trek because we are all complete trekkies. This is our very first test as a group. We are all 13 years old. Anyway, enough introducing, lets see if you are an awesome person!


(Ryan) What is yo fave colour? (I didn't spell it wrong, we are English)



(David) What kind of personality would you say you have? (Out of the given options)



(Ryan) Are you a boy or girl? (This question does not actually count, were think both boys and girls are awesome!)



(Charlotte) What is your favourite subjects in school?



(David) What animal are you most like?



(Ryan) How would you rather spend your Saturday?



(Charlotte) Do you enjoy school?



(David) How many friends do you have?



(Charlotte) How often to you do something, and then think oh my gosh, I totally just completely effed up!



Will you watch out for more tests with (TQC) on the title, and take them? Please rate our VERY FIRST TEST!!!!!!! (This question not be counting in score)


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