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I can and probably will make you go pee.

This is my first test, I hope I did good


Story time: Imagine yourself on the couch watching your favorite show but your bladder is bursting and all the bathrooms are occupied, what would you do?



On a scale from 1-10, How bad do you need to go pee now?



Push on your bladder for 3 minutes, how bad do you need to pee now?



Go drink 10 cups of water, how bad do you have to go now?



Go to the bathroom, turn on the water, pull down you pants and undies, and DON'T use the toilet!



Let a little pee out, did you stop or no?



Now, do 20 jumping jacks, what happened after you stopped or in what happened in the middle of your jumping jacks!



Go do some dishes, come back, what happened?



Now, sit on the edge of your bed or chair and pull down your pants and undies, pretend that your on a toilet, what happened?



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