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does jeff the killer like you?

you are being meted by Jeff and Jen the killer at the park for what jen says "a date" your exited to meet Jeff but kind of scared does he love you?


Jeff: ...
jen: say hi Jeff (she nudges him)
Jeff: ok jez um... hi?



Jeff: do you like smile dog?
jen: good



Jeff: he's really the best dog ever!
jen: yap he's a great dog!
Jeff: stop repeating what I say!
jen: ok ok sorry...
Jeff: so... you like sonic.exe and talls doll?



jen: well...time for my Pizza break!
Jeff: (pulls out knife) your not going anywhere.
jen: (gulps) o...ok!
you: giggles



Jeff: so now what...
jen: (humf)



Jen: do you like waffles?
you: ya we like waffles!
Jen: do you like pancakes?
Jeff: ya we like pancakes!
Jen: do you like French toast?
you and Jeff: ya we like French toast!
all: Let's eat!



Jeff and jen: that was fun.
you: ya!
Jeff: hmmmmm



Jeff: well... I- gets interrupted
jen: got it!



Jeff: as I was saying I- get interrupted again
jen: pancakes! ya!
Jeff: (punches jen)



Jeff: I love you!
jen: wow
Jeff: (smiles)



hope you like this you gona give it 5 stars?
jen and Jeff: hope you do!


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