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Erudite Initiation

All I have to say is GOOD LUCK


You are leaving the choosing ceremony where you have just put your blood into a bowl of water. How do you get to Erudite Headquarters.



You have arrived at Erudite headquarters and your shown to your dorm and are given 10 minutes the roam around the place and get unpacked. What do you do first.



Mrs. Matthews the Erudite leader is showing you around. You see a group of people talking about killing the divergent. What do you do?



The erudite final exam is coming up. what do you do to get ready for the test?



Time for your exam! Question 1: How smart do you think you are.



Question 2: What would you do if you saw an divergent strolling during a simulation?



3rd Question: What do you want to learn about?



Final Question: This is about your goals for your academics. What is your goal?



Congrats you have finished your exam. How do you think you did?



After all this your about to get your final ranks and jobs. Good Luck. What are you thinking.


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