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Would you survive in The Maze Runner?

Based, on the Maze Runner Series (first book only), find out how well you would do surviving in the maze and glade.


You wake up in a dark elevator, without knowing anything about it or about yourself, how do you react?



The doors finally open and you find yourself in the Glade with only teenage boys/girls, what is the first thing you do?



What type of personality do you adquire in the Glade?



Some gladers are returning from the maze, but they won't make it, since the walls are about to shut. Do you step in to help them?



You've entered the maze. At night. (Even if you said no, someone pushed you in.) You have to stay the night in the Maze, what do you do?



In the maze, you find a Griever, how do you defeat it?



Somehow, you managed to get rid of the Griever, but one of the Gladers is hurt and has been stung. You...



After you survived a night in the maze, when you come back you say?



You must find a way out of the maze, how do you do it?



You've finally found a way out. But now you must get through it, and its going to be tough. Most gladers decide that they are going to fight the grievers and get out of the maze. You...



You get out of the maze. (If chose to stay, you got out anyways.) People from W.I.C.K.E.D escort you and tell you that you are save now. You...


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