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would you survive in red dawn

This test is to see if you would survive a attack on the U.S. from Russia and North Korea.This test is made by the creator who made,Would you survive in the hunger games,And What wolf pack would you be in?Hope you enjoy the test.:D


First.Have you seen a red dawn movie?



If you woke up and a the U.S. sky's were covered with Korean and Russian planes and parachutes what would you do?



The planes were bombing and the Parachutes landed and they were shooting people in the streets And your Mom was killed by them...What do you do



You escaped into the woods with 3 guns and some ammo and food...You meet others on the way and they come with you.What are you going to talk to them about?



You decide to fight back...But there is only five of you...How do you think you are going to stop a whole military?



You have insiders who are helping and you are taking them out group by group...But that does nothing..Now what?



Are you a girl or boy?



What is your team name?



You are wondering where the army is..3 veterans have been looking for you.They ask you If you know(Your team name)And where they are.How do you respond.



They were good and are helping you...You attack a military patrol and kill them with what little ammo you have...They have loads and they have good weapons.What do you do?



You have attacked tons of patrols and you have tons of weapons and ammo.Your team has doubled the size.And You realize you need to do more to get the Bad guys to go.What do you plan to do?



You have gotton All of the Americans to join your army and you fight.And The russians and Koreans leave and you have won...But as they are leaving on of them turns and shoots you in the chest.You kill them as well but you are dying.What is your reactions?



Did you like the test(Be honest)(Does not affect score)


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