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Are you a llama?

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be furry,bad smelling,and awesome?That all comes in the package of being a llama!Are you a llama?


Are any of your friends llamas?



Do you like bananas?



Do you hate alpacas?



You come across 2 llamas.What do you do?



What is a very awesome saying?



What do llamas eat?



You find the llama tribe!That is amazing!One of the llamas came up to you and say,"are you a llama?"What is your reaction



Your fellow murf friend eats pickle icecream with a topping of headlice.Your friend screams,"Meep Moop"and falls to the ground.What is the first thing you do?



Would you rather be in a horse or a llama race?



You and your fellow murfs are going to Iguana Millions.You find a llama stealing a $1.00 pair of shoes!What do you do?



Oh no!A llama is traped!You have to go through metal pillows that can hit you on the head,a grave yard of dead murfs,a tunnel with we can't stop playing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again,a dogsnake shouting,"Ronald McDonald will haunt you!",and a hall way of chips with no salt to save the llama.Would you do all that to save the llama?



Your older cousin is getting married!Congrats!But on that same day,you were invited to babysit the llamas at the llama farm.Do you go to you cousins wedding or to the llama farm?



Are murfs and llamas friends?



Ronald McDonald came up to your doorstep and asks you if you want cookies.Do you take them?



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