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does she like you?

Take this test to find out if the girl you're crushing on likes you back or if you're friend zoned.


Be honest, do you two actually talk?



Does she hang out with your friends?



Does she have your phone number?



Does she ever show signs of liking you back?



Does she ever seem insecure?



Does she ever talk about you to her friends?



Does she like the same music, tv shows, movies, etc. as you?



This wont effect your score, but how much do you like this girl?



Does she remember the small details that you've told her? (This can range from your birthday to your youngest cousin's favorite color is blue.



This wont effect your score either, but this test isnt a for sure thing. espescially if youre the guy who never talks to her. she could have a major crush on you and youd never know because you dont talk to her. us girls are very tricky. some girls are REALLY shy. and others will just come out and say "(y/n), i like you." If you really like this girl, go for it and ask her out.


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