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Could you be an assassin?

Do you think you can become an assassin? Find out if you have what's necessary to become one! It's not easy, so, good luck. And never forget, to be an assassin is to know the meaning of "nothing is true, everything is permitted"


Do you practice sports for 4 or more hours, a week?



Have you ever won any medal? (Only sports)



Are you healthy?



What do you think about killing people?



What about you friends?



How old are you?



Are you afraid of heights?



Are you a religious?



Did you lie to this test?



Do you have faith?



If someone told you:

We can't offer you money. We can't offer you much of anything right now. But we can offer knowledge and fraternity. I can not teach you, I can only show you the way. It is up to you to learn and follow your path. But this decision is not to be made lightly. Once you choose to become a part of this fight, there is no going back. Once you become one of us you can not tell anyone of your true nature. You will live a life of lies and secrecy. A life filled with hard choices, sometime you won't like them or the outcome. But we do this for a cause greater than us. We fight, not four our lives or the lives of just our brothers, but of all mankind. For free will. True freedom. You will have to make sacrefices. You will have to hide the truth from your loved ones. So tell me, is that something you're prepared to do?

Would you take it?


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