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would you survive a horror movie?

think you could survive, scream? or a dream about freddy krugear? or parnormal activity? take this quiz to find out


what would you do if you heard a window smashing in the kitchen?



you, your BFF and crush are dared to stay in a haunted house, once your in you see a plate saying 'for my guests' and food on it, do you eat it?



if the killer were chasing you into your garden shed, what wepoen do you use?



after watching a news report saying a pyscho was on the loose, where would you go on your midnight walk?



if you had to be stabbed somewhere, where would it be



would you go to a party during this madness?



how selfish are you? on a scale from 1to10



if the killer had you on the ground, and was about to stab you what would you do?



which horror movie would be the easiest to survive?



how many people often live through horror movies?


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