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The Fanboy[V.2.0] Test

if you wanna know if your a fanboy or just for fun. this test is not biased. it is concerning everythingto do with the consoles.
By the way some questions will have a warning in brackets telling you that if you pick a certain answer you will receive no points for that question. [ this means that you will have a harder time getting what you want ]
*Update: Fixed Stuff*

1) What Company do you support..? This means, What company do you like the most.

Others[no points]
All of them
2 of Them , Doesn't matter which

2) How many differant/same company's consoles have you bought from Nintendo?

1 Nintendo Console,
2+ Differant Consoles. Yay for nintendo!
2 Of the same consoles, i keep one as a collectors :)
I don't buy Nintendo Consoles, Just Sony's
I don't buy Nintendo consoles. Just Microsoft's
I don't buy Nintendo Consoles. But i do buy sony's and microsofts!

3) How many differant Sony consoles have you bought?

1 sony consoles
2+Differant sony consoles
2+ of the same sony console. i need my collector's one
I don't buy sony consoles. But i buy nintendo's
I don't buy sony consoles. But i buy microsoft's
I don't buy sony consoles. But i buy nintendo's and microsoft's

4) How many differant microsoft consoles do you have?

1 microsoft console
2+differant microsoft consoles
2+ same microsoft consoles, i need collector's one
I don't buy microsofts consoles. But i buy sony's
I don't buy microsofts consoles. But i buy nintendo's
I don't buy microsofts consoles. But i buy sony's and nintendo's

5) What next gen console do you most look forward to? [Your looking forward to it... AND you want it... AND YOUR GOING TO BUY IT]

The Wii/Revolution!
sony/nintendo's [both]

6) Are you going to preorder/Already have preordered? Which console?

Wii! I have preordered it!
Xbox360, I Preordered it and got it.
PS3. I preordered it!
I did not preorder. I will wait for a price drop.[This means... Not a fanboy]
Nope... im saving up for something else though. Later on ill buy a console.
PSYCHED FOR A CONSOLE [ +1 to each fanboyism and none fanboyisme FYI ]

7) Do you chat on forums concerning the next gen system?

Yes, i chat on forums about the wii!
Yes, i chat on forums about xbox360
Yes i chat on forums about PS3
No i do not chat about forums
I like to whine/annoy people about the the nextgens
I flame on forums... [i wouldn't pick this if i were you]

8) Do you have a countdown desktop/calendar or anything of the sort for a next gen?

Yes, the wii only [insert days] to go
Yea, PS3 only[insert days] to go
I used to for the xbox360!
No, i am not that excited.
Even better, i make them!

9) Are you going to campout/have camped out for the system?

Yes, for the wii
For thePS3
I did for xbox360... that was crazy
Get my parents to do it for me

10) Do you have a Nintendo DS? Or another portable system by Nintendo

Will have one , to pass the time waiting for the wii
I got a psp
waiting for bill gates to come up with a portable
I have a DS and PSP!

11) Do you have a video game posters? Or any market product that isnt electronique for a company that makes consoles/games

I have a countdown calendar... A Nintendo rocks, a tshirt nintendo made.
I have a sony shirt, i have ps3 poster i have everything! by sony...
I have a Microsoft poster, i have windows vista beta CD, i have microsoft... EVERYTHING
errr no!?
Sold it xD
I WISH! *sarcasm*

12) If one guy was giving free next gen consolesand All the games coming at launch 3 controllers and all the accessories released , and you could only pick one of these bundles . which one would you pick?

Wii obviously
kick the guy in the balls take everything and run
I dunno... This is hard![no points given]
is this some sort of trick question.. [no points given]

13) Which 1st party games do you prefer?
i.e.: Metroid and mario

I like sony's and nintendo's
Microsofts and nintendo
Other 2 combination or all of them

14) Do you check console updates on game sites
i.e: IGN.com

Yes, but mostly about The wii !
Yes but mostly the PS3
Yes but mostly the Xbox360
Yes. All of the above/fewof the above and not under.
Sometimes, For all of them though

15) Do you watch videos of previews of games/next gen consoles?

Yes, Nintendo's stuff.
Yes, Sony's stuff
Yes, Microsoft's stuff
Yes, All of the above/ or few of the above
From time to time

16) What are you mainly looking forward about the nintendo's next gen?
And answer this EVEN if you are not buying this

Controllers are awesome! Virtual console And Gamecube backwards compatability
I am not looking forward to nintendo's next gen but the games!
Im not looking forward to nintendo's next gen at all! Butmainly Sony's
Not looking forward to nintendo's next gen at all. But Microsofts!
Nothing at all...

17) What are you mainly looking forward to about Sony's PS3?
Answer this even if you aren't buying the system

Cures cancer[I don't find this realistic]
Graphics! and games and other features
Nto looking forward to it, but nintendo's
only looking forward to microsoft's
Nothing at all!

18) What are you mainly looking forward to about xbox360

Halo3 and other games
The graphics and other features!
im looking forward to nintendo's
Im looking forward to sony's
Nothing :)

19) Why do you buy a company's console?

Because they reduced the price and are losing money even though that doesn't change anything but the price.
Because the console is very cheap!
Because it includes a sequel to a previous sequel's game that was made on the last console from the company
Because i am loyal to a company and do not care much about anything else
Because it cures cancer
Because I was forced to :(

20) Do you get a certain newsletter just to find out if a store is taking preorders ?

Yes, i got wii newsletter from this company
Yea i got PS3 newsletter from this company
Yea i used to have xbox360 newsletter from a company
Ive got them all
I stopped it.

21) Do you discuss about next gen consoles with your buds?[buddies/friends]
If so about mainly which one?

I mainly talk about nintendo's console
We talk about sony's console
Only about which game i should get next for xbox 360
No i am not a nerd
I have no friends :( [ no points but be honest :D ]
We talk about everything!

22) What type of fanboy do you think your going to end up with?

Not a fanboy
Fanboy hater
I have no idea, ill wait and find out after 3 more questions...[no points]

23) If you were to become a console designer for a company which one would it be?

I'd hang myself before that'd happen
I'd be a spy for a company and then spill the beans to that company that i was a spy
All of them

24) which 3rd party games for which console do you like

Sony has alot of 3rd party support :D
Nintendo's 3rd party support!
Microsoft's 3rd party support
I like them all
I dont like any i only play 1st partys game
I dunno [no points]

25) Finaly: If you would die and went to heaven and they had a heaven for each fanboy, which fanboy heaven do you think you'd go to? and for hell you'd be stuck playing all those horrible games that did not make very good ratings for the company.

Sony hell
Sony Heaven
Nintendo Hell
Nintendo Heaven
Microsoft Hell
Microsoft heaven

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Test by: j_au27@hotmail.com [ edit ]

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