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The Zombie Survival Test

You are 18 years old, and live by yourself on the third floor of an apartment complex. You hunt every other weekend during the season, so in you apartment is 1 rifle, 150 bullets. 1 9mm-200 shots.
You also have a butcher knife. Besides this you have no real efficient combat weaponry. This is your path. Chose wisely...or die.

1) You just got back to your apartment from the movies. It's late, about 2 in the morning. You check your messages. Your friend had called in a panicked voice..."You..you have to...watch the news..Channel...2...hurry! Call me back...please!" You of course watch the news. Apparently there has been strange happenings in a nearby hospital. One of the patients rose from being proclaimed 'dead' mere hours before. Several members of the staff have been bitten and are now in intensive care. The 'patient' is in police custody.

Panic. Zombies are coming! The end is here!
Take a breath, definatly zombies...call up your friend and start packing.
Pft...just some lunitic with rabies...
Call your friend, pack up, and designate a meeting area.

2) Right, your friend is packing and coming to your apartment. You know you need to pack to, so you instantly begin searching. You have a backpack, but cannot carry too much...what do you take.

My rifle and 9mm with ammo. My knife, and some canned foods, bottled water, and a few maps.
My guns, some sugary and caffine laden food/drinks. Screw the knife.
The knife, your pistol and some ammo. Some canned and sugar laden foods/drinks.
Just some cheap, sugary snacks. Why fight when you can outrun?

3) Your friend arrives, along with about 4 other of your friends arrive at your apartment. Each of them has guns, supplies, and some melee weapons. ((knives, a sword, and a machete))
You continue watching the news. Three police have been bitten and transported the the hospital. What should you do...

Nothing, we're all fine right here.
You have to call the news stations, and give them a calm warning.
Call up the news station, start panicing!

4) The station has been warned but little measures are taken. Your friends know this is definitely the start of an outbreak, so you decided to plan an escape route.

Take the main road out of the city!
Take a small backroad,less trafic, but toward the infected area.
Off road, towards a rural area.
Stay at your home

5) It has been about 24 hours since the initial bites. The news comes on with the shocking news. The bitten staff had been proclaimed dead just three hours before, but now were rising and biting anyone nearby. The outbreak has started! What do you do now?

The word is around town. Arrange a party to leave the town.
Do nothing still. You will be fine at home!
Your friends are all you need, let's roll!

6) If you like it or not, about 20 people end up joining your friends, each with guns and melee weapons. Many have supplies and are in vans, cars, trucks, even the gun-store owner has loaded his truck and joined you. The infection is nearing your town,, it's time to leave. Pick your vehicle...

Motorbike. Fast, swift..
Regular dirt-bike. Foot power! No gas required!
Your big S,U.V.
Your sports car!

7) 30 hours since the outbreak. Your party has managed to escape the town. Your radio is on constantly, listening to updates. One of the infected has been taken down, the others still roam. A total of 37 people have been bitten, 5 are dead. You need to find a place to rest, where should you go...

Pack up everything into bigger vehichles, designate a watch routine. Sleep there.
Don't stop. No time for sleep.
Keep moving until you find a small town or barn.

8) 37 hours from the start. Your party presses forward. All news input has stopped. Suddenly you spy a small town in the distance. Upon arriving in the town you discover a party of about 20 people hauled in the town center. What do you do?

Ask for supplies, then ask them to travel with you.
Pass them up, they can fend for themselves.
Demand supplies, then move on.

9) The group comes with you, like it or not. It has been 60 hours now, your party is running low on supplies when you come across a large city. You enter the city and see bodies scattered in the streets. A group of zombies rounds the corner, what do you do!?!

Charge them! Hand to hand! Weapon to rotted flesh!
Run! You can find supplies elsewhere!

10) Your men remove the hoard of zombies. Carefully moving around them, you take all you can from the ruined city. The infection obviously has spread very rapidly. Now armed with new weapons and supplies, your group moves on. But is blocked by zombies at the town exit. There is a struggle and the man beside you falls dead, a zombie turns and prepares to bite you...

Move fast! Grab the man's machete and lob off the thing's head!
Mourn the death, forget the zombie.
Let it bite you...then as it clamps down on your flesh, shoot it!
Dodge, shoot, run!

11) Your party quickly leaves. You've lost 6 men already, and five are wounded...including your best friend. Each bitten. What do you do?

Bandage the wounds, apply medicine, move on.
Give the bitten a prayer, say your farewells, and pull the trigger.
Kill them without warning. They are zombies...

12) You finally arrive at a safe location, very remote with a decent sized spring and a natural supply of food. A colony is started.
**Four years later**
New children have been born, new lives started, only 25 of the original 50 some have made it, but the population has grown to about 30. When one day you receive radio contact. The military claims to have rid the world of every last zombie...what do you do..

Go home! The world is safe!
Hesistate. Wait a month or so for complete comformation.
Don't belive it. Your safe here and the virus is still out there. It will never be safe.

13) The test is done, now for some review...
Did you like the test.
((does NOT effect score))


14) Do you believe in zombies?


15) Do you think you did great?!


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