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The are you a racist Test

this is a test just for fun to se if it is really as you say

"what im not a racist"

well i say prove it

1) what do you think of black people

i am a black person
i dont have a problem whit them
they are annoying
the stink
i hate them all
i think the world would be a better place whitout them

2) what do you think of asians

why do they talk like friggin alians
stupid short people whit funny eyes
gods biggest misstake

3) what do you think of mexicans and latinos

i like them
i dont have a problrm wiht them
they are lazy
the are still stuck in the stone age
they produce 98 procent of the worlds stink

4) if a black guy/other colored people would knock on your door what would you do

invite him in for milk and cookies
ask him what he wants
i dont open the door
i brake his legs wiht a golf club and then poor flour in his face saying i did him a favour

5) what do you think of fat people

they are cute
why not
piggie piggie piggie
i think they came from uranus or something
they should be drenched wiht their own fat

6) what do you think of jewish people

i read torah every night
i like them
i "like"them
hate them all

7) do you think of yourself as a rasist


8) do you know anyone that is a rasist and if you do do you think that they ar wrong

i dont hang out whit that kind of people
yes but i think they are wrong
yes and i think everyone has a right to think whatever they want
i am a rasist

9) if you would meet a rasist what would you do

ignore him
yell a little mad words at him
break his arms and legs
say HELLO!
talk about everything that is wrong non whities

10) in games do you try to kill all the black people and let the white people live

no i just kill everybody
i kill the black poele first and then the white people
of cource and then i restart to do the same thing again

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Test by: Olof Palme [ edit ]

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