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Other - Priestly Poker

Three Priests always got together to play poker on Sunday night after a hard day of preaching, confessions, and visitations. The three priests used the game to talk about the day and unwind.

The police got word of this game and since gambling was illegal in that county they decided to break it up and arrest the priests.

One night the cops broke up the game and took the priests before the county judge.

The judge asked the first priest, "have you been gambling" the priest responded "No I have not". The judge responded "since your a man of God I believe you and you can go"

The judge asked the second priest the same question and the priest said "No I have not". Agiain the judge said "since your a man of God I beleive you and you can go"

The judge once again repeated the question to the third priest. The third priest looked at the judge and said "With Who?"

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