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Sex - The Gates Of Heaven

This guy comes home to his 22nd floor apartment after work, and finds his wife standing there naked. Well, he then knows she was cheating on him so he goes running around the house looking for the man. He searches everywhere and eventually gives up, admitting he was wrong to assume such a thing.

He goes out on the porch for a breath of fresh air and finds someone hanging from the balcony by his fingers. So the husband starts stomping on the guy's fingers. The guy falls and his fall is broken by some bushes. So the husband goes inside to look for something to throw down on him. He looks around and sees the fridge, so he throws it off the balcony.

Well, at this time, Heaven was getting a little crowded, so God insitutes a new rule saying that anyone who is admitted has to have had a stressful day the day they died.

One guy comes up to the gate of Heaven and St. Peter asks how his day went. So the husband tells of how he found out that his wife was cheating on him and he died of a heart attack. St. Peter agrees to let him in.

A second guy comes up to the gates and St. Peter asks how his day went. So the guy says, "Well, I was excersizing on my balcony on the 23rd floor, and I fell, but luckily I grabbed onto the porch below mine. Then this guy comes out stomping on my fingers so I fall! And then to make it worse he throws a refigerator on me after the bushes broke my fall!" So St. Peter lets him in.

By this time St. Peter is thinking, "I could get used to this new rule."

A third guy comes up to the gate and St. Peter sits back in his chair and says, "Ok, tell me your story." And the guy says, "Ok, picture this...I'm naked, right? And I'm in a refrigerator..."

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