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Other - The Horse And The Chicken

One day a chicken is walking along on the farm and sees a horse stuck in the mud. The horse paniced screaming for help. The chicken reassures him that he will be back with help and to calm down.
The chicken runs in the farmhouse, grabs the farmers keys and some rope, runs outside jumps in the farmers BMW (its a lucrative farm) drives over to the horse, ties one end of the rope to the car, throws the other end to the horse and pulls him free.
A few days later the horse is walking around and sees the same chicken stuck in the mud.
The chicken is flapping his wings, screaming help help. The horse tells the chicken to calm down that he can help.
The horse straddles the chicken, Looks down and says "you know what to do!" The chicken reaches up, grabs the horse by the genitalia and the horse walks away and pulls the chicken free..

The moral?

If your hung like a horse you dont need a Beem'er to pick up chicks!

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