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Other - Saved By God

There was a very strong storm that came upon a small town. Though, the town priest wasn't worried. He believed that God was going to save him.
The waters rised and soon he had to climb up to the roof because the water was too high.

Later, a rescue boat arrived. They called for him, but he replied back, "Do not worry, I will be saved by God!". So they went away and left him alone.

It was still raining very hard. Then, a helicopter came to save the man. He said to them, "Do not worry, God will save me!". So they again went away and left him alone.

The waters rised even more and the poor priest drowned. In heaven the priest asked God, "Hey! Why didn't you save me from the storm?!".

God replied, "I sent a boat and a chopper, did they come?"

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