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Other - The Pain Of Grass

A guy was flying over the rainforest when his plane went down. A witch doctor came along and took him back to his village. The witch doctor told the man "You are going to live but your arm, leg and penis are going to have to be cut off, but I can replace them." The witch doctor went into the forest and returned after 2 weeks with the arm of a gorrilla sewed it on and left the village again. 3 weeks later he returned with the leg of an ostrich and sewed it on. Before he left again he said "You're arm was easy and so was the leg, but your penis will be very difficult." The witch doctor finally returned after 2 months with the trunk of a baby elephant, he sewed it on and the man lived and returned home.

6 months later the man returned to the rainforest and found the witch doctor.

"Thank you for saving my life but I have a problem."
"Is it the arm?"
"No this is the greatest arm ever, I can rip trees right out of the ground with this arm."
"Is it the leg?"
"No this is the greatest leg ever, I can run 15 miles an hour with this leg."
"Then what is the problem?"
"Well, It's the penis, every time I walk through a patch of grass it picks some up and tries to cram it up my ass."

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