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Welcome to's Space Test! This test asks many questions of you to determine how well you understand human space endeavors, the science of space, and if you can identify space stuff. Upon completing this test you will be given scores in each of these categories, along with an overall score, based on how you did compared to other test takers.

Just like many of the tests on this site, you will receive an award graphic so that you can show others on your blog or webpage how much of a space nerd you are, with the additional ability to customize the graphic with your own picture!

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First, some demographics:

Which hemisphere do you reside in?
   North Eastern
   North Western
   South Eastern
   South Western
   I live on the 0/180 meridian and/or the Equator
   Not sure

How many Earth orbits around the Sun have occurred since your birth?
   Under 15
   15 to 18
   19 to 23
   24 to 29
   30 to 39
   40 to 49
   50 to 59
   60 or more

What's your gender?
   Won't provide and/or unsure and/or undecided

Now that we are done with the demographics, it is time to move onto the questions!

What occurred October 4, 1957?
   The United States launched their first artificial satellite, Explorer I
   The United States launched a squirrel monkey into space
   The Soviet Union launched Sputnik I
   France developed a method to launch rockets into space

List the eight major planets in ascending order from distance to the Sun.
   Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
   Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
   Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus
   Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus

Who first postulated that the Earth rotates around the Sun?
   Galileo Galilei
   Aristarchus of Samos
   Nicolaus Copernicus
   Issac Newton
   The Sun rotates around the Earth... Geocentricity RULZ!!!

Which heavenly body is this?


What part of the electromagnetic spectrum was the above image taken in?

What was the name of the first man-made spacecraft to successfully land on Venus, and transmit data back to Earth. Also, who did it and when was it launched?
   Venera 7, Soviet Union, 1970
   Venera 4, Soviet Union, 1967
   Mariner 1, United States, 1962
   Xiang 4, China, 1971
   Not sure

In December 2004, Voyager 1 entered...
   Earth Orbit
   The Extrasolar region
   Intergalactic space

What is this?

   A galaxy
   NGC 1952
   The Crab Nebula
   A supernova
   Paint ball splatter in space

Neutrinos are... aliens
   ...particles that travel close to the speed of light, lack an electric charge, and have a minuscule, non-zero mass.
   ...indicate the presence of a space ship -- possibly cloaked
   ...elementary particles resembling neutrons

...and on Earth, they (neutrinos) come primarily from?
   The Sun
   Our galactic center
   Black holes
   Neutrinos don't exist

When was the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) launched?

   April 24, 1990
   May 15, 1991
   January 1, 1990
   It wasn't... It is one of largest hoaxes perpetrated since the Moon "landing" and the "discovery" that the Earth is "round".
   I'm not sure

What is the HST's replacement?
   What is HST?
   The James Earl Jones Telescope (JEJT)
   The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
   The Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)
   Um... Just another hoax

Primordial nucleosynthesis, i.e. nucleogenesis, is responsible for?
   Primordial goop that life sprang from
   Elements up to and including lithium
   Elements like carbon and oxygen
   Creating many atoms of life during the big bang

A reason supernovae occur is because iron... fairly heavy, and rusts easily.
   ...fission does not produce neutrinos.
   ...fusion requires energy.
   I don't know

What in the heck is this:

   The Butterfly Nebula!
   The Dumbbell Nebula!
   Supernova Remains!
   I Don't Know!

Which Apollo mission first landed on the Moon?
   Apollo 7
   Apollo 10
   Apollo 11
   Apollo 12
   Apollo 13
   We never landed on the Moon.

...and when was this?
   July 4, 1969
   July 20, 1969
   June 14, 1968
   Erg! How many times do I have to say we never landed on the Moon!!!

In the following image of Mars, what feature is the arrow pointing at:

   Olympus Mons
   Capri Chasma
   Mount Euphrates
   Don't know

What is the approximate ratio of the Moon's mass to that of the Earth's?
   Don't know

When did the Martian rovers Spirit and Opportunity first touch Martian soil (respectively, UTC)?

   January 8 and 24, 2003
   January 4 and 25, 2004
   January 15 and 31, 2004
   February 19 and 28, 2004
   Not sure
   Hoax hoax hoax!!!

Between which two planet's orbits is the main asteroid belt?
   Earth and Jupiter
   Saturn and Jupiter
   Mars and Jupiter
   Earth and Mars
   Not sure

Which "moon" is this, and which planet does it orbit?

   Only Earth has a moon
   Europa, Jupiter
   Io, Saturn
   Triton, Neptune
   Titan, Saturn
   Don't know

...and what makes that "moon" so cool?
   It isn't
   It has an atmosphere greater than that of Earth's!
   It seemingly has oceans and rivers!
   It seems to be geologically active!
   I'm not sure

This is similar to the main asteroid belt, although it is 20 times as wide and 20200 times as massive...
   Kuiper belt
   The Trojan asteroids of Jupiter
   The Sun
   Don't know

Which galaxy do you live in?
   Milky Way
   M14 (NGC 6402)
   Don't know

How many stars are in the Andromeda galaxy?

   100 million
   100 billion
   1 trillion
   10 trillion
   100 trillion
   Don't know

Who was the first person in space?
   Neil Armstrong
   Yuri Gagarin
   Alan Shepard
   Don't know
   This is all a HOAX, no one has been to space--the radiation alone would kill anything that dares go up there!

In your opinion, do you think a human will land on the Moon, again, before 2020?
   Not sure
   Again?! We have yet to be there!

What about Mars before 2030?
   No way!
   I hope!
   Not sure

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