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the house sorter

if you read the short description you know what this is about, if not then too bad go look


Ah, yes, the sorting test has begun my young friend. Are you ready for what lies ahead?



First question, do you ever find yourself being mischievous at any time?



Second, do you often have good grades? Or amazing grades like 120% or 115%?



Third, have you ever been heroic or brave at any points in your life?



Fourth, do you find yourself being kind and doing good deeds most of the time?



Fifth, this question is a little bit different, if you find a chest, and there is a bunch of stuff in it, (you can only take one thing) what would you take?



Sixth, what would be your favorite animal out of these choices?



Seventh, what job would you prefer out of these?



Eighth, what do you normally do on a Saturday night?



Was this test good? I hope so, if not sorry about that!


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